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We are now submitting talent for various roles at Universal Studios in Japan. Please contact us if you wish to be submitted by In Demand Entertainment. Send your CV, Headshot and show reel to info@identertainment.com.au

We are very Excited to announce we will be leading the workshops at Rockhampton Dance Festival In October in Conjunction with International Performing Arts and Theatre (I-Path). We cannot wait to see the talent they have to offer.

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International Performing Arts & Theatre Ltd (I-PATH) is a well-respected performing arts education organisation helping to shape the future of performing arts qualifications, we are an examining board accredited by Global Education Training & Qualifications. I-PATH draws upon the expertise of its directorship; who are from and teach at institutions such as Cirque Du Soleil, the University of Oxford, Aberystwyth University, Harvard University and University Centre Weston. I-PATH combines skills and expertise to create the most modern and innovative programmes of studies that are accessible for all, utilising the most appropriate pedagogies; alongside our unique approach as the arts as a method for holistic development of the student.

I-PATH is privileged to have been invited and is now a part of the Council of International Dance, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) supported umbrella body for dance across the globe. International Performing Arts and Theatre is known to develop pragmatic and relevant programmes and qualifications, combining the best of practical skills and fundamental theoretical understanding.

I-PATH is an advocate for arts in education, which is represented through several Directors being Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts, and significant contributors to learned societies. We support primary and secondary schools in developing their creative arts offer through integrating specially designed programmes into their curriculum and school day; thus, helping to enhance social development and academic achievement. Not only this, our programmes of study and other services can support schools to provide a framework for qualifications to be delivered.

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We are submitting for the following

Artistic Director: John Charron
Contributing Choreographers: Chip Abbott, Brittany Cherry, Patti Colombo, Luis Salgado, Ron Todorowski, Brooke Wendle, Melanie Lewis-Yribar
Contract Details: $1,000/week onboard. Travel and lodging provided. Private cabin. No outside duties. Each contract will be around 16 weeks in length. Rehearsals in NYC. Worldwide itineraries.
MELBOURNE: 8 October 2019
SYDNEY: 10 October 2019
GOLD COAST: 11 October 2019
SEEKING: Dancers 18 or older. Any ethnicity. Toned, athletic physiques. Dynamic, elite dancers with great attention to detail who are technically trained in contemporary, ballet, modern, commercial/hip hop, and jazz styles. Must have a strong stage presence and be able to tell a story through dance with soloist performance quality. Must be able to partner and lift.

Please email us your CV, Headshot and Showreel to Info@identertainment.com.au to join us
We are submitting for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. If you are currently unrepresented and wish to join us then please send your CV, Headshot and showreel to info@identertainment.com.au

Kayla Wells
Alysha Kitchingham
Lauren Chester

If your looking to join us then head over to our website www.identertainment.com.au and contact us using the webform! Alternatively email Info@identertainment.com.au with your CV,Headshot and a link to your Reel.

Huge welcome to our newest talent that has recently joined us here at In Demand Entertainment.

A warm welcome to Callista, Tasman, Michelle and Isaac. Its great to have your onboard with us and we cant wait to see what the future holds for you talented bunch!


And to top it all off we have many more joining us so keep an eye out!!





We are now online with Showcast, which means we are able to bring more opportunities  to our cliental. With Showcast you have access to the most powerful profile management tools in the business. They give you FREE self-test space in the industries first dedicated Media Library. This powerful new tool lets you load and manage your showreels and demo reels as well as linking clips to specific credits and storing your audition media and self-tests to be shared with anyone around the world. Ask any casting professional, Showcast is THE PLACE to be seen


To our Talent – If you already have a Showcast Profile, then please select us as your agent.


We are proud to announce two new joiners to our family!

Please welcome Abbie and Chloe. We are delighted to have such passionate and hard working individuals join our books. The futures looking very bright!



This is a great question.

Why would you need an agent that takes a commission from your pay? After all you did all the hard work, right? Wrong!


We here at In Demand Entertainment are continually on the lookout for Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models at any stage of their career to join our books. Here, we will advise you on what we can do for you. We can’t speak for all agents out in the profession today, but I think it’s important to dispel a few theories that we have heard from potential performers.


  1. You have to pay to join an agency


Nope, never, not us! We honestly do not believe that any actor should pay a fee to any agent that represents them except for the work they get them. We do not have a joining fee. No Admin fee – What even is this? Ongoing costs. Annual fees etc etc etc. Coming from a performance background and having my fair share of agents, I would find it funny to be asked to pay a fee just for being on their books. It makes no sense. Agents and performers work for each other on a mutually beneficial agreement that should be compensated as and when work arises.

The only fee you should have is for your casting websites in which we source a majority of our work from. This is part of the performers tool kit and is as important as headshots, show reels and taking regular classes. This is paid directly to the website, not to us.


WE will reimburse you for your casting subscriptions upon securing your first job through us! Winning!


We also do not take ANY fees from you securing your own work either. We wouldn’t mind a free ticket to come and see you though!!





  1. I can get my own work

Agents have access to work you wouldn’t get on your own. Casting directors and clients will go through a talent agent because they may be looking for a variety of talent and feel reassured the performer will be reliable who presents themselves in a professional manor at all times. They also have a point of contact in which to liaise through, should the need arise.


Why would you not join an agent? We work extremely hard to get you in front of the right people as we have a huge range of contacts throughout the industry that has taken years to foster good working relationships with. We have literally done the hard work already so you can concentrate on doing what you love. Performing.




  1. I have to do the agents classes and use their photographers for new headshots


In Demand Entertainment do not offer classes that our talent has to attend. Simple!

Go to masterclasses by all means. Especially with casting directors and reputable teachers that provide the best training in your field. Ongoing training is vital in order to be well prepared for auditions. The next role could be just around the corner after all.


WE do not have an “Agency Photographer”. We do not believe in this. We know there are some amazing photographers out there but, like agents, there’s a few dodgy ones too. If you require new headshots, we will be happy to point you in the right direction but as always, it’s totally up to our talent to choose. We will guide you in what makes a great headshot and what we think you should wear should if you need guidance on this as well as the look that would be suite your type.


Go to a professional photographer who specialises in headshots. Look at their work, see their reviews and make an informed decision. The Headshot is the calling card for actors and must be the best possible representation of them in order to get into the audition room. If your headshot does not stand out from the crowd, then you risk being overlooked by casting directors.


You should never pay for more photos to build your portfolio with an “Agency Photographer” as this is just another way some agents make money from their clients. We do not like this practice.




  1. I’ve never heard of your agency before

We haven’t been around as many years as some of the other Agents out there. We are still relatively new and we don’t have as many people on our books as the bigger players. But, what does this mean for you? We will work so much harder to get you in front of the right people to forge a name in the business as an agency that provides some of the best talent in Australia.

You won’t get lost on our books. As we have a small pool of talent you can guarantee you won’t be over looked and will always be at the forefront of our minds for castings we get through.  I have personally had this discussion with my agent in the UK as they had over 80 people on the books. I felt lost and not being put forward for the jobs I want to be seen for. We have a talent questionnaire to ensure we only put you forward for the jobs you wish to be seen for.

We are continually improving upon, strengthening and connecting with Casting Directors and companies throughout Australia and on the international stage, so it also doesn’t matter where you are situated. We have talent from Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney and continually put them forward for appropriate castings in which they fit the brief.




  1. Most jobs are set in stone with the amount they may pay you


This is true in some part. Some jobs there is no room to negotiate the payment fee but there are some contracts that us as your agent, will negotiate on your behalf. We are very familiar with performance contracts and deal with them regularly. We deal with the producers and the companies that supply the work on your behalf, the people who you want to like you, so you don’t feel awkward or infringed on giving your best on the job. We work to always get you the best possible deal, after all, the more you earn the more we get. Everyone’s a winner.



As a past performer and industry agent I would also highly recommend joining the Biz Book for established performers as well as people who may be starting out in the industry. This group is the brain child of Mel Mackintosh of Mackintosh Casting. In Demand Entertainment are proud to be listed on the website as a reputable agency.


What is TheBizBook?

We are Australia’s first and only online resource directory of its kind. We are creating one reliable platform where Artists and relevant business can come together and connect with each other. Artists can do their industry research and businesses have detailed profile pages where they can be discovered by their core customer market.

We are an ever-growing directory and encourage members to leave reviews for businesses they have personally engaged with. As we grow and the more reviews that are left for businesses, the more enriched with information the site becomes for everyone. We believe that leaving reviews and recommendations is the perfect way for Artists to empower each other and help one another make informed career decision. 


Join here and check it out



I hope this little quick 5 points made you reconsider a few things about the need to have an agent. We here at In Demand Entertainment are ready to help you with the next step of you career. The Question is…. Are you?


Send us your CV Headshot and any promotional materials to




Adam Thornton


CEO and Head Agent: In Demand Entertainment